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DCHP-1 Online is a digital version of DCHP-1: A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, ed. by Walter S. Avis, Charles Crate, Patrick Drysdale, Douglas Leechman and Matthew H. Scargill (editor until 1960: Charles J. Lovell), published in 1967 by Gage Educational Publishing Company in Toronto. A 1991 reprint of DCHP-1 was issued.

The copyright pages of the 1991 work are shown here.

Per licensing agreement between UBC and the copyright holder of DCHP-1, Nelson Education Ltd., signed Oct 1st, 2012, DCHP-1 Online is made available free of charge on the internet. The user is advised that this license does not include the reposting or redistribution of DCHP-1 or part of DCHP-1 by third parties. Reposting of content is governed by copyright laws and require express permission by Nelson Education Ltd.